Anchor Fitness Programs

Boot Camp

The Anchor Fitness Adrenaline Boot Camp is a six-week indoor/ outdoor program that offers world-class fitness instruction, nutritional coaching & motivational tools - packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals fast.  More Information

Go Lean in 2015

This is a 8 week Competition of Weight Loss! This program is based on specific work-outs that are the correct type, with adequate frequency, given you higher probability of success, with Team Captains whom have endured and who are currently enrolled in the regiment. These individuals can personally vouch for its success if you apply yourself. More Information

Fight Club

Fight Club is the latest signature format to be offered by Anchor Fitness. It is an intense, boxing & kickboxing-inspired workout, full of non – stop bag work. This is Fight Club Moderate and Advanced workout experience is highly recommended. More Information

Personal Training

Personal Training is available with or without joining any other program. The personal training sessions are individually tailored after an initial consultation with an Anchor Fitness Certified Trainer. More Information