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Everyone makes choices in their lives. It’s just that simple. It is a personal choice
to cripple yourself and those around you just as it is a personal choice to live life
to your fullest potential. One makes the choice to remain overweight, not just
heavy, but so overweight that is affects your quality of life and the quality of life
of your loved ones. You should know that every day you make the choice not to
make a change is a day you choose to shorten your life.

There comes a point in your life when you realize that without change you will
die. You think that you are beyond help and cannot figure out a way to turn it
around. You think that you are so far gone that there is no hope. But let me tell
you there is help out there for you.

My name is LaMark Robinson of Anchor Fitness, Owner and Trainer, and I have
noticed throughout my 19 years of working in the fitness industry from 5 star
facilities to small specialty gyms, that most trainers have targeted the same type
of clientele. However, you NEVER see a trainer with the very ones who need a
trainer, the morbidly obese, those who are unsure of how to begin, what to do,
and are uncomfortable in the gym environment. You ask yourself why? There are
two possibilities: Either a trainer is afraid of them or the individual is afraid of the

The fact of the matter is a morbidly obese person has their life in jeopardy
everyday. I feel an obligation being part of the health and wellness professional
industry to help break the cycle. This is how I came to create the “Save A
Loved One” program in hopes of assisting, sharing and guiding someone from
a non-healthy, life threatened lifestyle to Change their Mind…Change Their
Body…Change Their Life all for the sake of living!

I have had success stories with this program – with people like yourself who were
beyond hope. They now are active, strong, and healthy and are living proof that
Change your mind…Change your body…Change your life is more than just a
statement. My success stories have adopted this lifestyle and it has changed the
lives of their families too! Many have been able to shed all medications they were
on due to obesity and have added quality years to their lives.

The only prerequisite to join “Save A Loved One” is that you are over 400 lbs.
The program consists of an initial sit down, thorough consultation; and 3 months
of personal training for FREE. Together we’ll address the health concerns, find
out the root cause of this disorder and strategize a personal successful plan of

If you are this person that is over 400 lbs or if you know of someone who meets
the prerequisite but you have no idea how to get started or how to approach your
loved one directly and want to take the first step in changing your life or your
loved ones life feel free to contact me at:

Save A Loved One...A $3,240 value - FREE!